It is your seasonEvery life is filled with seasons. Our lives are filled with entrances and exits. We are exiting summer and entering fall. Some are entering marriage and exiting singleness. Others are entering one position and exiting another. They’re all seasons!

Some seasons in your life you may like and enjoy, while others you face may be challenging. However, in every season, you must be mindful to ask the Lord what He wants you to glean from this season. What are you supposed to take away from each struggle and each success?

Your destiny is by appointment only. God has orchestrated the process and has invested in you. He doesn’t make a withdrawal on His investment until He can ensure the highest yield. As with any investment, it takes time to get the highest return. There are seasons of highs and lows; if you quit in the midst of the low season, you will never receive the bounty that is waiting for you in your next season.

Just as every season on the earth is necessary, every season of your life is necessary. Take comfort in knowing that each and every season is working harmoniously together for your benefit. The best part is, God is in control of them all. So, you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen next, because he already has it planned and worked out for your good. All you need to do is trust Him and be obedient to His direction.

The expected end of your season has already been established and God wants you to win! He will allow you to take baby steps before He asks you to take a big step. However, you must walk by faith. Sometimes, it may feel like you are taking these steps alone, but know that God is always with you.

As you navigate whatever season you are in right now, remember to TRUST GOD, ask Him what you should glean from the season, and step as He leads you. It is your season!