black-21166_1920Have you ever prayed for guidance on something and ended up feeling like God was mum to your situation? You’re constantly looking here and there, doing this and that, reading this article and that post, talking to this expert and that guru all in a feeble attempt to get clarity on your situation, seemingly to no avail. Believe it or not, you may have become addicted to info, addicted to the problem, so much so that you’ve made your problem an idol because you spend more time focusing on it than you do God.

It’s time to disconnect and get still.

God is speaking, but oftentimes we’re so distracted with the things around us that the noise in our life is preventing us from hearing His still, small voice. On top of that, we’re too busy trying to figure our situation out on our own that we don’t allow God to be God. He’s standing on the sidelines watching us run frantically, while the playbook is in His hands and He’s just waiting on us to LISTEN long enough to hear the plays.

If you find yourself in these words, then it may be time for you to DISCONNECT! Pull the plug on social media. Turn off the TV. Take a break from reading blogs and “networking” with experts and just seek God. Your purpose was handcrafted by your Creator, so who better to talk to than Him? What blessing does He have stored up for you if you just listen and follow His direction?

I challenge you to diligently seek Him. Pray. Fast. Read His Word. Hear His Word. Meditate on His Word. Make it your business to make Him your #1 priority and watch that situation that you’ve been stressing over and trying to figureout become a nonissue. He will make your way clear and your paths straight if you just seek Him first.

Stop allowing distractions defeat you. DISCONNECT and LISTEN.