christmas-583369_1920With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to start how you can make this year’s gathering one for the books. Thanksgiving is not just about eating delicious food, but it’s a time to spend quality time with your family and friends in a spirit of love and gratitude. This year, do something different–get out of the box and make your Thanksgiving gathering more meaningful and more fun. Here are 5 tips to show you how to do just that:

Family Gratitude Journal:

Have everyone in your family write one thing that they are thankful for in your family journal and continue passing the same journal around over the years to come. It will serve as both a memorial for your family to see just how blessed you are and it will also document some of your family’s history.

The Questions Game:

Do you want to know what grandma was like when she was your age? Feel bad for not knowing Aunt Mary’s favorite color? This simple, but fun game is a way to get to know your family better. Have everyone in the family write down 3 questions and put all the questions in a basket. Set a timer for 60s and fire off questions for one family member at a time. I guarantee you’ll learn something new and be able to connect with your family that much more.

Family Star Search:

Before there was America’s Got Talent, there was Star Search and every now and then, there were kids that blew us away. Get your most outspoken family member to host a talent show for the kids of the family. Let little John John show off his piano recital piece and little Cindy do a grand plié in the middle of the living room. While you are entertained by the talent that runs through your blood, you also get the opportunity to boost those little ones’ confidence and let them know that their family supports them.

Go Karting:

Are you up for a good challenge? Yes, Go Kart racing is not a typical Thanksgiving activity, but it sure is fun to shut cousin Dave down on the track. This is a great activity because it allows the teenagers that can sometimes feel left out at family functions, to be able to have fun with the grownups.

Family Bake-off:

It’s time to squash the debate on who makes the best Red Velvet cake. Host a family bake-off. Let the kids help with the baking, choose judges, and don’t forget to buy a crown for the winner. With bragging rights, laughs, and yumminess wrapped in every single bite, this is sure to be a hit. Who knows…maybe mom will finally reveal the secret ingredient in her infamous sweet potato pie.

Whatever you decide to do this Thanksgiving, make it something new and out-the-box. Let your family members leave knowing each other a little better, being a little more grateful, and having had a little more fun than usual this Thanksgiving.