Can you believe it’s August already? The year has surely gone by fast. Though it’s rapidly coming to an end, now is the time to rev up and get in gear to chase your purpose and follow through with God’s plans for you. Here’s 3 Things You Should Do Now in order to finish strong:

1) Re-Evaluate Your Goals.

Are there goals you started the year with but have yet to complete them? If you’re like me, that answer is a resounding YES! Revisit those goals and determine if they are still relevant to your purpose. If they are still relevant, figure out what you need to do in order to complete them.

2) Re-Evaluate Your Relationships.

It’s time to check your team. Look in your circle and see who is building you up and who is pouring into you. If there are people that are draining you and leaving you feeling unsupported and empty, it may be time to cut ties. Ask God to surround you with divine relationships that will help you to finish the course.

3) Re-Evaluate Your Routine.

Sometimes we get stuck in a place of complacency because we are comfortable in our routine. If you know me, you know I’m going to tell you to get out the box. It’s time to do something new. Your life can’t change if you’re always doing the same ‘ole things. Switch up you routine to include activities that will propel you forward.
Don’t wait until January to get your bounce back. Each and every day, take a step into your purpose. It’s time to get up, get focused and get moving towards your next level. You can do it and I’m here to support you.