Bobette Brown has established herself as a personal growth and leadership development champion through her life-changing, motivational speaking and coaching programs.  Her mission is to help people and organizations reach their full potential by providing transitional blueprints to help them experience transformation in their life, business and ministry.

A former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant (E-6) and 82nd airborne paratrooper, she has a broad and diverse set of leadership experiences derived from having a front row seat to life and culture in more than 29 states and 23 countries. She continued increasing her growth capacity by overcoming many personal obstacles, including sexual and physical abuse, PTSD, rejection and isolation by showcasing her scars as “badges of honor.” She is an advocate for people who are ready to change their stuck-story and transform from “woe is me” to “woo wee!” The six areas that encompass her passion as a champion for personal growth & professional development is represented by the acronym L.E.A.P.E.R.: Leadership, Empowerment, Authenticity, Purpose, Equipping and Relationships.

Lady Bobette, as she is affectionately known, has been honored to speak on stages in non-profit, private and federal government sectors.  She has also appeared as a guest on Good Morning Washington (ABC), Good Day Washington (CBS), Trinity Broadcasting Network, Howard University and other motivational platforms. She has authored five books, Jesus Said ComeBe a Water Walker: You Can Defy the Odds!, and Ladies in Waiting: A 31-Day Devotional for Single Ladies. She is also the co-author of Daily Dose of Direction for Women in Business and The Legacy Project: Empowering The Next Generation of Ministry Leaders. 

As a trailblazer, Bobette became one of the first African American women to speak in the 2015 “Got Your 6 Storytellers” event as hosted by HBO. She holds a MA degree from Wesley Theological Seminary, a BS degree from the University of Maryland University College, certification as a John Maxwell Coach, Trainer & Speaker, an ICF certification as a Personal and Executive coach and certifiecation as a Work-Life Professional. However, Bobette attributes her success to the grace of God and the endless support of her husband of nearly 30 years, Dr. T. Cedric Brown, and their two adult sons.


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What Others are Saying

Today I was challenged to let my pain work for my profit and to understand that I do deserve to walk in wholeness and freedom.

Carrie T.

Lady Bobette reminded me that my story is not only where I’ve been but where I am now. I’m taking back control!

Taniesha C.

After hearing Lady Bobette speak, I changed my mind. I will not fulfill my purpose in isolation. I am ready to experience life in a different fashion.

Keri C., Adorned DC

What an educational and inspiring weekend.  Lady Bobette took us to church and inspired us, all at the same time.  She brought the Word in a way that everyone and anyone could understand.  When I grow up, I want to be just like Lady Bobette.

Delores F.


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